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Ensure Safety With Tree Pruning in the Lower Mainland

A healthy, full-grown tree is always a pleasing sight to look at. Trees are at their best when they are left to grow to their full potential. However, when they stand next to properties like houses and shops, unrestricted growth can prove to be harmful to the property and its inhabitants. In order to ensure the safety and security of your building and its inhabitants, it is wise to spiral prune your trees from time to time. Paul Bunyan Tree Service offers safe and effective pruning of trees to commercial and residential property owners in Coquitlam and the surrounding towns. 

We perform spiral thinning, which includes trimming branches from both the centre and edges of the tree, eliminating dead wood and cross branches. This method reduces the thickness of the tree and allows wind to move more smoothly through the branches. 

Personalized Spiral Thinning and Other Services

Different types of trees require different methods of pruning for greater effectivity. From spiral thinning for managing tree thickness, to crown reduction pruning to control the size of a tree, you can rely on us for everything. We begin with a thorough assessment of what the situation is and decide the best way to prune branches with maximum safety and efficiency. 

Efficient Tree Pruning in the Lower Mainland

By sticking to high standards of quality and safety, we ensure that the work we do is complete, safe and most of all, presents results. We will help you control the growth of your trees in such a way that it will not hamper the safety of your property. Contact us at any time for dedicated tree and hedge pruning services at your Lower Mainland property!

Don’t Want a Stump?

We provide stump grinding services to rid your landscape of hard to remove tree stumps.

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