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Remove Infected and Damaged Trees Safely in the Lower Mainland

When trees are damaged by a storm, it is imperative that they are removed from your land as soon as possible. The same applies to trees that develop infections, as it could soon affect the surrounding healthy trees. Chipping is a recommended and safe process of getting rid of unwanted or fallen tree branches. If you are looking for chipping services, don’t worry. Serving the Lower Mainland, Paul Bunyan Tree Service is your trusted tree chipper. 

Why Choose Chipping?

In chipping, the wood is reduced into small chips that are easier to clear and have a lower volume of waste. The chips can then be used as mulch to enrich the nutrient content in your soil and gardens. Chipping saves you a great deal of time, effort and cost, as there is no need to drag large logs of wood across the property to get rid of them. The process of chipping is done smoothly with the help of a woodchipper, the powerful rotating blades of which can cut up tree branches and trunks in no time.

Assured Quality and Service

When it comes to tree removal, we understand the importance of providing a quality experience to our customers. At Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we use only the best and highly upgraded equipment to manage our work. After the job is done, we ensure all the debris and waste is cleared, and then restore your premises to its original form. If you have any questions about the service most suitable for your needs, get in touch with us. Our friendly and courteous staff is ready to answer all your concerns and queries. 

Affordable Tree Removal

If you suspect one or more of your trees are potentially hazardous, don’t worry. We’re here for you!

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