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Comprehensive Tree Services in the Lower Mainland

Your trees require professional care from time to time, be it routine tree pruning or recovering from a storm. Paul Bunyan Tree Service is skilled and equipped to deal with all your tree problems. Our tree services and solutions have been useful for residential, municipal and commercial property owners in Coquitlam, and the surrounding areas of Belcara, Anmore and Langley, among other towns. Our services are enriched with the involvement of certified arborists from the commencement to the conclusion of the work. 

Reduction and Removal

When a tree turns out to be a safety hazard, the best step forward is to get rid of it entirely. We provide complete removal of dangerous branches and trees. We also work on the reduction of the growth of trees for safety and aesthetic reasons. 

Tree and Hedge Trimming

Keep your trees and hedges in shape and neat with our regular trimming service. Trimming is proven to promote the healthy growth of trees. We provide high-quality trimming services to maintain the beauty of your trees, hedges and shrubbery. 


Regular pruning is essential to promote the healthy growth of trees. Pruning helps increase the width and strength of tree branches and trunks. We provide reliable pruning for trees depending on the needs of particular species of trees. 

Stump Grinding

The end result of felling trees is the stump that is left behind. Stumps can be dangerous in many areas, especially if there are little children around. We provide complete and safe removal of tree stumps with no trace of the stump or root left behind. 


Chipping is an effective method of removing storm damaged and infected trees, which involves breaking up the wood into tiny pieces using a woodchipper. Our chipping services are rendered adhering to high safety and quality standards, using upgraded machinery. 

24/7 Services

We are available on call, 24/7 for any emergency needs that you may have. We are committed to serving you every step of the way so that you can keep your buildings and homes safe for your family, employees and customers. Find out more about each service by contacting us

Overhanging Branch?

We can safely remove dangerously hanging branches to ensure safety.

Trim Your Hedges Flawlessly

When it comes to hedge trimming, we specialize in perfection.

Affordable Tree Pruning

We can enhance and restore the beauty of your trees with tree pruning.

Stump Grinding and Removal

We have top of the line machines to maintain your property without causing turf damage.

Safe and Easy Removal of Damaged Trees

The combination of our skills and a woodchipper can relieve you of damaged and infected trees.

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