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Hassle-Free Stump Grinding in the Lower Mainland

Sometimes, the only option is to remove a tree, either to clear an area or for the purpose of safety. Whatever be the reason, the downside to cutting down a tree is that it leaves behind a stubborn, hard to remove stump. A stump can be detrimental to the aesthetics of your property, and can also prove to be dangerous, especially if the area is often used by children. Luckily, at Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we are fully equipped to remove tree stumps in the Lower Mainland area, leaving little evidence of the tree. 

Why Choose Us?

Using upgraded machinery, our skilled crew will ensure that the stump and roots are removed with no opportunity for the tree to grow back to its former size. We use specialized stump grinders for different types of stumps and can take on any kind of stump removal. Reach out to us to get a stump removed from your land.

Safety First at All Times

The tree services, especially stump grinding and stump removal involve the use of heavy machinery, which is dangerous if handled in an improper manner. Our crew undergoes regular and updated safety training to ensure that they know what they’re doing. They are well versed in safety protocols and ensure that all safety standards and regulations are followed as the work is conducted. 

 Looking to Dispose of  Branches After a Storm?

 If you have a pile of branches on your yard you need to dispose of, we can come and chip and haul it away for you.

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